Sell Dresses

You Sell (Peer-2-Peer)

Package Features
  • Start Selling in 10 Minutes
  • Peer-to-Peer Social Selling
  • Automated Shipping Label (with USPS account)
  • Control Pricing and Negotiations
  • Payment Processing Included
  • Sell to Brides Online or Locally
  • Invitation to Local Selling Events
  • Make a New Friend
  • Drive Positive Impact One Dress at a Time!
(introductory offer/new customers/limited time)
  • Free to List
  • 8% commission on sold items

We Sell (Concierge Consignment)

Package Features
    • We Clean, Measure, and Photograph (if needed)
    • Assist Customer Email, Calls, Sales
    • Local Fittings Option
    • We Pack & Ship
    • We Sell in Up to a Dozen Sales Channels
    • Concierge Product also Sold through Blogs, Social Posts, and Articles
  • Return to you free, or we buy it from you!

(introductory offer/new customers/limited time)
  • 20% commission (When Sold)

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