Reimagining Bridal

Just in time for the new economy 

For An Emerging Generation

Reaching Brides the way they want to shop.

Bridging online and local economies for shopping experiences brides need.

Online>Local Bridge Program.

Leveraging combined strengths to reach brides nationwide, online, on your calendar, at your door.

Positive Social, Economic & Environmental Impact.

Gaining sustainable and circular assets for a new economy and new marketshare.


Competive Advantage for the New Economy!

Meeting the needs of an emerging market and competitive best practices .

Online>Local Bridge Program

  • Regardless of global uncertainties expand local and national sales.
  • Gain competitive edge online and offline.
  • Overcome industry challenges through cooperative-asset model

We Love Mainstreet Bridal

  • Sharing value and adding diversification without risk 
  • Helping a brides create the wedding of their dreams and positive impact one dress at a time.