Where are you based?

We are based in the coastal area of historic Savannah Georgia!


What if I need to cancel my order?


If you change your mind before your order has shipped, you can cancel your order. Log in to your account, check on your order status. You can cancel your order there. Once canceled, you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly!

We also accept returns on a limited basis (with restrictions). Please see our Return Policy on this FAQ page for details.

How can I edit my shipping address?  

If your order is shipping to an incorrect address, please contact Customer Support right away.

Can I check my order status and shipment?

You can Log in to your account and check the status of your order from your customer account dashboard. Once you’ve received your shipping confirmation email you can track your shipment and see the status of your delivery. It may take 24 hours for tracking updates to appear once an order is processed to ship.

If you have any questions about the status of your order please reach out to Customer Support.

What if something I ordered arrived damaged?

Oh no! Contact us right away.

What is the "Try Before you Buy" Shipping Option

For your convenience, we offer an option to ship Sharethelovely dresses to a local store/partner retailers. This applies to Sharethelovely. However, Dresses sold in the Relovely Marketplace (Peer-to-Peer Sales) do not apply.

If you would like to Try before you Buy select that option at check when/if presented. There will be a flat fee of $10 per dress for this service paid at checkout. You will not be charged for the dress unless you choose to after your fitting.  

My package is lost!

Oh no! If your package has been lost in transit, please reach out to Customer Support right away.

After an order has been delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

What does Final Sale mean?

All items marked final sale have been reduced in price and cannot be returned for a refund.

What if a Final Sale item I ordered arrived damaged?

Oh no! Contact us right away.

Is Relovely and Sharethelovely different?

Yes, somewhat different. Relovely is a peer to peer marketplace that is managed by Sharethelovely. Relovely provides past brides and limited retail partners a place to sell wedding products directly to coming brides online. Relovely sellers have their own “stores” per se with unique shipping and refund policies at the discretion of the seller. Sharethelovely does not take possession or handle products or shipping for Relovely orders. But it facilitates the sales process within the marketplace that supports independent sellers. 

Sharethelovely is different than Relovely in that it is a resale concierge consignment store online that provides online and offline sales. Sharethelovely manages and determines it’s policy on inventory, shipping and returns.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a service that offers you the ability to make purchases now and pay for them in installments, without any interest.

How do I use Klarna?

Choose Klarna as your payment method at checkout. You will be directed to register and provide payment details. If you’ve used Klarna before, just log into your Klarna account. Then complete your order. Klarna is not applicable for all product categories.

Your payment schedule will be emailed to you by Klarna directly. If you fail to make a payment, you will be charged a late fee. Details are provided per order from Klarna based on your agreement and the payment plan you chose.

Do you accept international orders?

We are not yet set up for international orders but are working on it. Stay tuned!

Where can I find out more about Klarna?

For more information, visit Klarna’s support page. If you have a question about your Klarna account, please contact the Klarna toll-free customer support line at 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621) or use the Klarna contact form or app https://app.klarna.com/login.



What are the shipping options and costs?

Sharethelovely provides a variety of shipping options at check out primarily through USPS. Shipping costs vary based on dimensions, weight and distance. All shipping options are insured and include a tracking number. Marketplace orders (Relovely) provide independent shipping options at the seller’s discretion. Please see the shipping options published by each seller for details.

How much does it cost for a consignor to send Sharethelovely a dress for resale (ie. Concierge Consignment)?

Sharethelovely will provide consignors a shipping label (free) to send their dress to Sharethelovely. Once received we will start preparing, publishing and promoting your dress and will notify you with sales updates as they occur. 


How fast will my order ship?

Most of our orders are shipped within 2 business days pending availability and credit verification. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your order within 3-10 business days of its ship date, or 2-4 weeks if you are located in Hawaii or Alaska. 

If you need your item(s) sooner and are within the U.S., please select an expedited shipping option. Shipping times may vary, but rest assured we work our hardest to get you your order as quickly as possible. Any additional shipping costs are nonrefundable.

We offer Saturday delivery (when available). However, we do not ship on the weekend or U.S. holidays..

**Temporary COVID-19 update - For the health and safety of our team, we only have a small and very limited team on-site. We will process all orders as quickly as possible, but there may be delays due to limited staffing.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Yes! We offer overnight shipping for orders within the U.S. You can select Next Day Air at checkout. 


Do you ship to PO boxes?

We ship to PO boxes, military APO, FPO and DPO destinations. Please include your PO Box address during checkout.

Do you offer international shipping?

Sorry, not yet but we are working on that. We can contact you when that is available. Please fill out our contact form for notifications. 

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to all US states including Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. 

What is the "Try Before you Buy" Shipping Option

For your convenience, we offer an option to ship Sharethelovely dresses to a local store/partner retailer. This applies to Sharethelovely but does not apply to the Relovely Marketplace (Peer to Peer Sales). You will be given the option to “Try before you Buy” in categories that qualify only.

If you would like to Try before you Buy select that option at check when/if presented. There will be a flat fee of $10 per dress for this service paid at checkout. You will not be charged for the dress unless you choose to after your fitting.  


Shipping Mailer

We’re committed to providing you with sustainable solutions throughout your bridal experience, all the way up until the moment you say ‘I do.’ That’s why our shipping material is up to 50% recycled and 100% recyclable. This durable eco-mailer can be doubled-up - we provide a pair. The eco-mailer is extremely durable and is stronger and more durable than a cardboard box mailer.  



For peace of mind, your package is insured by Shipsurance, USPS and Sharethelovely. Should anything happen to your order or shipment, it is insured for the value of the items shipped.

Dress shipments sent to Sharethelovely from consignors

After Sharethelovely sends the mailer pack to a consignor, the dress should be folded up twice and slid into the provided mailer, and then the mailer mailed back to Sharethelovely using the return label provided.

Call for a pickup. Or bring the mailer to the appropriate carrier printed on your label.

This durable mailer in case you'd like to double-up. The dura-pack mailer is extremely durable and is stronger and safer than a cardboard box mailer.  

Garment Cleaning & Care


Dry Cleaning

We opt for green dry cleaners and would like to suggest you consider the same. 85% of dry cleaners use a harsh chemical called Perc that works well on delicate fabrics but is linked to respiratory issues, birth defects and air pollution. Green dry cleaners use better products and are a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative. These cleaners often use CO2 or water as the primary solvent, but they have fancy equipment so it’s not like washing it at home. Even if your cleaners advertise as "green" or "organic," be sure to ask if they use Perc, hydrocarbons, or D-5 cleaners, and be sure to avoid the toxic stuff. Just say no to Perc and search green cleaners in your area

Do you clean the resale dresses you receive?

Sharethelovely cleans the dresses it received for resale as needed. Dresses may need spot cleaning or they have been dry cleaned by the past bride. Often there is no sign of wear since being only worn for a few hours. Many brides preserve their dresses professionally so they had been cleaned and sealed in a preservation box. About ¼ of the dresses we receive for resale have never been worn. Often brides purchase more than one dress or there are other times that they just change their minds.

All dresses are typically in the Sharethelovely warehouse for approximately 2 weeks or more before the resale process begins. During that period, cleaning, prepping, photography and publishing take place prior to going live.

The above applies to Sharethelovely inventory. In the Peer-to-Peer Relovely marketplace individual sellers may have a different policy. Please review the seller's cleaning and care guidelines and be sure to inquire directly with each seller.

How should I store my wedding dress once purchased and worn?

Store your Wedding Dress in a Cool, Dark Place. Protect your dress from direct sunlight, which can quickly fade and turn the dress yellow. Avoid storing your dress in a regular, zip-up plastic bag which can cause build up of moisture. If you choose to store in tissue paper choose a paper that is pH neutral medium that is acid free.

Size & Fit

How do I know which size will fit me best?

Dynamic Dress Measurements!

The Dress Fit Stats beneath each style reflects the actual measurement of that dress including any alterations. Therefore it is the best tool to determine a fit match. If your measurements fit the actual measurement of the dress that is a good chance it will fit well, although most wedding dresses need custom alterations. Expect to alter any dress you purchase. Our Model Fit Stat guide is a dynamic tool that pulls actual data into the model. It is not a an industry standard chart that attempts to be a one-size-fits-all.

We also have a standard size guide and measuring tips your reference. 

Sharethelovely Dress Measurements FAQ

Do you have a live fit consultant available to help?

Yes, for further assurance we have a live fit/style specialist available not only for fit but for style assistance. Our fit/style expert has 20 years experience in fit, styling and alterations. Please ask the chat bot for a fit specialist and you will be routed or contact us to assist in connecting you.


Can I order a custom dress?

We do not offer custom dresses. Our focus is on the resale wedding gowns that have been worn for a couple of hours. We also offer firsthand silk and cotton wedding dresses and some discontinued items as well —please tell us what you are looking for and we can offer recommendations to help you find something you love!

Is Sharethelovely sizing in US sizes?

Our sizing will always be shown in US sizes - in inches. 1 inch = 2.54 cm

How do I measure myself?

Our Fit and Size page is dedicated to providing details about how to measure yourself for the perfect fit.


What is "Try-Before-You-Buy"

What is "Try Before you Buy"?

No upfront commitment until you try it on and decide that "it's the one!". You can try it before making a purchase. Select "Try Before You Buy" at check out. It will be listed within the shipping options. Then you will need to select your shopping area/location preferences and we’ll connect you with a local retailer partner in your area. You will be required to pay a small fee for your local fitting; refunded with the purchase of the Try-Before-You-Buy Dress. Refunds may take up to 7 days to process to the account payment method you used to place your service order. Next, you’ll be able to try on the dress/es at your fitting appointment. 

It may take up to 10 days for your local fitting appointment which is determined by dress shipping lead time, scheduling needs and flexibility, and making the perfect arrangements for a successful experience! 

How do I choose "Try Before you Buy"?


Select the “Try Before You Buy” option at check out when you are asked to choose a shipping option. This service is available for most available items and there is a small fee for this service that is refunded with purchase. With it, you are not responsible to pay for the dress at online checkout. You can make a decision and purchase the dress at your local fitting. If you don't like the dress you continue searching for the one. There are no returns required or additional steps for you to take. We take care of the dress and any return process necessary. 


If you like the dress and it fits well you will be able to checkout at the store and take home your wedding dress and continue getting ready for the big day!

What are the steps to becoming a seller?

What are the steps to becoming a seller?

1. Set up your account - it only takes a few minutes

2. Select a service (You sell or We Sell for you)

3. Choose a plan

4. Upload our product photo

5. Provide product detail

6. We promote the marketplace where brides shop

7. You can send brides directly to your selling page/store


What are the steps to becoming a retail participant?

What are the steps to becoming a retail partner?

1. Register in minutes

2. We'll contact you when we have brides for you!

3. Gain Fitting Appointment

4. Gain Local Sales

5. Happy Brides - Happy Store!

6. Gain Competitive edge online and offline

What type of products do you sell?

What type of products do you sell?





(Peer-to-Peer Marketplace)

Product Category

  • Wedding Dresses
  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Accessories
  • Wedding Decor

Product Type

  • Consignment
  • New Organic-Fabric Dresses
  • Discontinued Samples
  • Resale



Reach out

Contact us

Hello Lovely's

We can't wait to chat with you. We'll reach back out to you within the same business day, if not immediately. If you have any further questions about your order in the meantime, please read our handy FAQs. Find our contact form here.

How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?


  • Are you interested in making a difference?
  • If you're moved by love, imagination, individuality, inclusivity, and impact then we need you!
  • If you believe and want to help empower women, the community and the environment get involved!


Ways to get involved:


Take part in our local events 

  • If you offer sustainable and positive-impact wedding products or solutions we have a place for you!
  • If you're a consumer and want to get involved, meet people like you and make a difference we definitely have a place for you!
  • If you're a past bride and have products that you aren't going to use again that can help another bride and support a more sustainable environment, than we should talk!


Shop circular

  • Not only at Sharethelovely but at your local or online resale and consignment shop


Support a charity of your choice at check out.

  • More about the charitable organizations we love to support.


Sponsor us!

  • As we grow we need support and resources in order to continue to grow and thrive. Some great ways to forward the cause is to: Partner, Invest, Advertise, Advocate, and provide strategic feedback and direction in your area of expertise. Please Contact us!


Be a part of the circular ecomony for sustainability 

  • Resell youre wedding lovely's and help make another bride's dream come true while helping drive positive impact to the environment! 


Join our Team

  • We're looking for visionaries who see a better way and want to spread the word and help others benefit from it today and into the far future, for a better tomorrow.



  • Spread the word. Do you know someone that got married recently or has set the date? Send them our way. Everyone that takes part in a circular economy drives positive change, and everyone they lead in that same direction brings more positive growth, and so on, and so on, for exponential positive goodness!


Like and Follow

Help us spread the word by liking and following us on social media. That helps so much more than you can imagine.


Share photos and stories about your wedding

  • How it felt special or unique, how it expressed you as a couple, how it was impactful and empowering. We'll be glad to feature your wedding and pictures in our blog post and in our gallery (under development).
  • Share with us: mywedding@sharethelovely.com


Have suggestions to help the cause?

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


For our complete Terms and Conditions please review it here.


What type of organizations do you support?

What charitable organizations to your support?



We believe women can change the world. That’s why a portion of every purchase goes towards supporting women: funding grants for women change-makers, supporting black and brown women business owners, and empowering the rights of garment workers across the world! (We also love saving trees!). You can support these too, right at checkout!


Global Fund for Women envisions a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all. They fund bold, ambitious, and expansive gender justice movements to create meaningful change. (We also like saving trees!)



Black Girl Ventures provides Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, education, and leadership development to help meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.



Clean Clothes Campaign is a global network dedicated to improving  working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. Since 1989, CCC has worked to ensure the fundamental rights of workers are respected. 



Canopy works to protect the world’s forests, species and climate by collaborating with business leaders, scientists and decision-makers to help create sustainable supply chains and foster innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

What is the new partnership economy and Network Participation?

What is the partnership economy?


For our goals and vision around the partnership economy, we believe in:

  • Bridging online and local channels for strength and support.
  • Partnering to combine strengths to provid brides with a full and unique bridal experience for smarter shopping and planning.
  • Helping communities and local businesses thrive.
  • Supporting each other through sharing underused assets.
  • Providing competitive strength through partnership vs. investment with less or no risk.
  • Sharing strengths and minimizing challenges!

What is the difference between Sharethelovely and Relovely?

What is Sharethelovely and Relovely

Sharethelovely is an online store (Sharethelovely.com) that also facilitates an online peer-to-peer marketplace Relovely (Relove.ly).




Product Category

  • Wedding Dresses
    • Wedding Dress
    • Wedding Accessories
    • Wedding Decor

Product Type

    • Consignment
    • New Organic-Fabric Dresses
    • Discontinued Samples
    • Resale


    • Sharethelovely
    • Past Brides
    • Direct Seller Partners


    • Work directly with Sharethelovely
    • Work directly with marketplace sellers


    • Guyton, GA
    • Nationwide Stores
    • Nationwide


    • A variety of options through USPS
    • Try before you buy for a $10 fee
    • A variety of options at the discretion of each seller


    • Please see the Return Policy
    • At the descretion of the individual seller please see each product detail for return policy

Try-Before-you-Buy Service

    • Available (details)
    • Not Availalbe
    • However, local try ons are possible if seller chooses to provide that option


  • https://sharethelovely.com
  • https://relove.ly

Payment Options

    • Paypal
    • Credit Card
    • Klarna (installments) - For qualifying purchases apon approval
    • Paypal
    • Credit Card
    • Klarna (installments) - For qualifying purchases apon approval

Privacy Policy

What is your online Privacy policy?


For our privacy policy please review here.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use


For our complete terms of use please review here.

How do I contact the corporate office?

How do I contact the corporate office?

For a quick response to your needs please engage with your chat bot who can direct you or leave a message.

For direct contacts:

  • Billing:  billing@sharethelovely.com
  • Marketing & Press: marketing@sharethelovely.com
  • Human Resources: hr@sharethelovely.com
  • Technical Support: support@sharethelovely.com
  • Concerns: support@sharethelovely.com
  • Feedback and Love: together@sharethelovely.com


What type of payments do you accept?

What payment types do you accept?


We accept:

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal


Do you accept international orders?

We are not yet set up for international orders but are working on it. Stay tuned!



What is your online return policy?

We do accept returns on Consignment Dresses exclusively at this time. Return options are not available on new dresses with tags such as samples, overstock, and discontinued items that are not preowned.

Consignment Dress Returns (Preowned only)

If there is a problem with your order, we’ve got your back. Sharethelovely will accept consignment dresses/preowned in their original condition for a refund less restocking fee of 4% that will be deducted from your refund. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify that a return will be acceptable: support@sharethelovely.com. Please provide our support team with the Style#/Model for clarification.

You have 7 days from the order date to request a return. Refunds will be credited to the original form of payment used to make the purchase. Returns are to be shipped back to Sharethelovely postmarked within 7 days of receipt. (Please note that this pertains to Sharethelovely inventory. For orders placed in the Relove.ly marketplace, each seller determines their own return policy, please take note of that prior to making a purchase, and contact the seller with any questions you have).

For return requests, please log in to your account dashboard, locate your order, and request a return option from the order detail.

Due to the delicate nature of wedding dresses, Sharethelovely monitors returns to identify potential misuse or abuse of our return policies. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

How do I return an order?

You can return your order using the follow these steps:

For products purchased online 

  • Return your order using a carrier service providing a Tracking Number. 
  • Include a copy of your packing slip or if not available, include a sheet in the box that includes your order number, your name, and your telephone number and email address.
  • You will be required to provide a tracking number to Sharethelovely to ensure the gown is safely en route. Please return all orders to:

135 Ashley Drive
Guyton, GA 31312
phone: 912-509-0484

We cannot refund a lost return that was sent using a method other than an expedited service, with a tracking number and major carrier including USPS, Fedex, UPS, and DHL. If you have any questions or conflicts please contact us before shipping your return so we can help ensure a successful experience and journey for your return.


What is your in-store return policy?

Sharethelovely will accept consignment (preowned) dresses in their original condition for a refund less a restocking fee of 4%. Your return must be requested online within 7 days of your original purchase and returned to the store within 7 days of that purchase date. Refunds are credited to the original form of payment used to make the purchase within 14 days.  

What if my return is late?

All returns should be in their original condition. Any returns received postmarked after 7 days from the original shipment date (when you received your order) are ineligible for return and will be automatically reshipped to the customer upon receipt at our warehouse.


Can I exchange an item from my order?

We do not accept exchanges online or in-store. Due to the unique aspect of our inventory, each item is unique and does not come in multiple sizes and colors, therefore an exchange is not possible.


How do I create an exchange?

To create an exchange:

  1. Click on Returns and Exchanges option after logging into your order detail page.
  2. Select Exchange for the item you want to exchange
  3. Choose a new size or color and click Next Step.
  4. Confirm your return and click Process Return.
  5. Print your return label and drop off your return by the stated date to avoid being charged.

When will I get my refund?

Once we receive your return, please allow 7 business days for your return to be processed at our factory and then 7 business days for your bank to post the refund to your account. Your refund can only be credited back to the original form of payment. We’ll send you an email when our team has processed your refund so you know it’s on the way. 

How do I return an item purchased using Affirm?

Affirm returns follow our standard return process. You can create a return by visiting your order detail page after logging into your account.

Can I return an order paid with Klarna at a retail store?

When Returns are accepted as described above, Yes you can! Just make sure you request your return online on your order detail page within 7 days of your purchase and then return it in-store within 7 days of that original date of purchase.